UK et tax cheating . du nouveau today ce 11 avril 2016 (11 avril 2016)

prime ministret.jpgPM: Companies to be liable for employees who facilitate tax cheating 

Communiqué du 11 avril : en direct de Downing street 

Tax evasion and avoidance and United Kingdom

The UK will bring forward plans to introduce a criminal offence for corporations who fail to stop their staff facilitating tax evasion, the Prime Minister will announce today in a statement to the Commons, ahead of next month’s summit to tackle corruption in all its forms

(note EFI d’apres nos info , ce texte viserait aussi les societes de conseils inlarge)

Les joyaux de notre génie, celui de la city bien sur

Sera-t-il so stupid  pour les abandonner ?

Analyse de Francesca Fattori et Delphine Papin

Discussion paper:
 Enhancing transparency of beneficial ownership information of foreign companies undertaking certain economic activities in the UK





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