01 septembre 2010

Du Fitoussi pour être citoyen



ofce.gifAprès la crise, un conte parfaitement immoral,
par Jean-Paul Fitoussi



A jour 1er septembre 2010 

USA : les autorités boursières accusent Moody's d'erreurs dans sa notation

The SEC's Report of Investigation stems from an Enforcement Division inquiry into whether Moody's Investors Service, Inc. (MIS) — the credit rating business segment of Moody's Corporation — violated the registration provisions or the antifraud provisions of the federal sec 

SEC Issues Report Cautioning Credit Rating Agencies securities laws.  

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Le comble du cynisme est atteint.....



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Global Property Guide

MARINI COMPIEGNE.jpgAbout Global Property Guide

Un nouveau lien  de travail

Global Property Guide is a site for residential property investors who want to buy houses or apartments in other countries.

Their  focus is financial.

You may already know what countries you're interested in, what type of house you want to buy.

What you probably don't know is the rent you might earn in another country, what you'll be taxed, and what the landlord and tenant law is, etcetera.

Those add up to one word: profit!

Why is property investment in another country sometimes a good idea?

  1. It can bring a good income. Choosing a 'rising' country can maximize returns.
  2. It can bring capital gains. Again, the right choice is crucial.
  3. Diversification. Any portfolio should have a range of assets (shares, cash, property). It really helps if some of those assets are in different countries.