27 décembre 2012

IRS Imposes Tax Reporting on Nonresidents’ Bank Deposits

IRS.jpgIRS Imposes Tax Reporting on Nonresidents’ Bank Deposits 


The IRS has issued final regulations requiring reporting of bank deposit interest paid to nonresident aliens. 


Guidance on Reporting Interest Paid to Nonresident Aliens

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The U.S. will require banks to report interest payments to non resident aliens starting in 2013 in a setback for banks and Republican lawmakers who say the plan will drive away investments.

The regulations, adopted April 17 2012, are part of the government’s efforts to work with other countries on tax evasion. The Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service say the U.S. should ask its banks to report information just as it is requiring overseas banks to provide information on U.S. account holders


Le communiqué de Bloomberg


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