01 avril 2012

IRS Expatriation Tax

 The expatriation tax provisions under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) sections 877 and 877A apply to US citizens who have renounced their citizenship and long-term residents (as defined in IRC 877(e)) who have ended their US resident status for federal tax purposes. Different rules apply according to the date upon which you expatriated.


Expatriation on or after June 16, 2008



If you expatriated after June 16, 2008, the new IRC 877A expatriation rules apply to you if any of the following statements apply.


Ø   Your average annual net income tax for the 5 years ending before the date of expatriation or termination of residency is more than a specified amount that is adjusted for inflation ($145,000 for 2009 and 2010, $147,000 for 2011, and $151,000 for 2012).

Ø   Your net worth is $2 million or more on the date of your expatriation or termination of residency.

Ø   You fail to certify on Form 8854 that you have complied with all U.S. federal tax obligations for the 5 years preceding the date of your expatriation or termination of residency.

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