11 mai 2013

Regularisation fiscale in UK. No but or Yes but

disciplien.jpgNo safe havens for offshore tax cheats  CLIQUER


Jennie Granger, HMRC Commissioner and Director General for Enforcement and Compliance has confirmed 9 MAY 2013 that it is working with the United States and Australian tax administrations (the IRS and ATO) on data which reveals extensive use of complex offshore structures to conceal assets by wealthy individuals and companies. 



Note de P Michaud ; l'ettet d'annonce , en plein G7 de ce mois de mai 2013 et avant le forum fiscal de Moscou , fin mai , de ces documebts obtenus il y a deux ans est remarquable mais  ou va donc se trouver le diable -bon ou mechant ????


le royaume uni apparait devenir l'organisateur  de la lutte contre les montages fiscaux agressifs .Incredible isn'it ????



La brochure diffusée par HMR

INEDIT  Joint International Tax Shelter Information

L’accord interadministrations  

What are HMRC offshore disclosure facilities? 

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) offshore disclosure facilities provide an opportunity for eligible customers with assets or investments held in British Crown dependencies and other overseas jurisdictions to bring their UK tax affairs up to date. You can use the facilities to make a full disclosure of outstanding liabilities and pay any amount due. 

This guide explains why you should disclose information, how you can disclose, and what happens if you don’t.

§  Introduction to the disclosure facilities

§  Why should I make a disclosure?

§  What happens if I don't tell HMRC?

§  How to make a disclosure

§  Other disclosures  

1.     Isle of Man Disclosure Facility 

2.     Guernsey Disclosure Facility 

3.     Jersey Disclosure Facility 

4.     Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility


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