15 juin 2011

2011 IRS Nationwide Tax Forum

 2010 irs nationwide tax forum



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2011  IRS Nationwide Tax Forum 



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International Issues for Nonresident Aliens and US Citizens/Residents
– A Deeper Dive


Each year, thousands of visas are issued to nonresident aliens to work in our country, while U.S. citizens and residents are taking advantage of globalization to live and work overseas. Many foreigners receive interest, dividends, and pensions from U.S. companies while U.S. citizens and residents receive foreign sourced income.

This session looks into issues for both nonresidents and U.S. persons.

It examines who has to file, what income must be reported, how income is sourced, who must pay social security or self-employment tax, what deductions or credits may be claimed and what special forms are required.

This seminar was presented by the IRS Large and Mid-Size Business (LMSB) Division. It was filmed in July 2008, at the IRS Nationwide Tax Forums in Orlando, FL.


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